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DARC AGES originally appeared as an illustrated Web-serial (still available for free reading). Now the complete epic novel has become available in a special edition including 35 of the author's original illustrations.
THE STORY: David Archibald, British businessman and scientist, was dying of spinal cancer. In the year 1999, there was no cure. So he volunteered to have himself frozen alive in an experimental process, which would allow him to be revived in a near future when a cure had been perfected.

David Archibald said goodbye to his family and entered a long, frozen sleep...

Nine centuries later, the capsule containing his frozen body is accidentally discovered... and David Archibald begins a new life as "Darc", the man from the Golden Age, rumored to be the ressurrected "Singing King" from the 20th century.

The future is nothing like he expected.

But he is not alone in this strange new world. He quickly gains new friends, allies and enemies, experiences one amazing adventura after another, and eventually comes to terms with his fate...




Read DARC AGES from the beginning here.
Buy the DARC AGES ILLUSTRATED EDITION in paperback from CafePress
"DARC AGES is one of the best books that I've read in a LONG time, the only other thing that is up to par with it is Catch 22, in my humble opinion."
-Scott Lovenberg, USA (Guestbook posting, 2000)