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The DARC AGES Gallery

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DARC AGES artwork by the author.

The Original DARC AGES Comic-Strip Synopsis
DARC AGES the novel originated from this comic-strip synopsis from the early 1990s (cover shown).

The Comic Strip That Never Was
The author's pencils of the first page of the aborted DARC AGES comic-strip.


Read DARC AGES from the beginning here.
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"DARC AGES is one of the best books that I've read in a LONG time, the only other thing that is up to par with it is Catch 22, in my humble opinion."
-Scott Lovenberg, USA (Guestbook posting, 2000)

Concept Page From the Aborted DARC AGES Comic
The author inked this "test page" of the planned DARC AGES comic-strip.

Early DARC AGES Concept Art
An early piece of "concept" art for DARC AGES, by the author.

Colorized DARC AGES Illustration
A colorized version of an illustration from DARC AGES, Book Two.

The Original DARC AGES Web Serial Cover
The cover art for the first DARC AGES web-serial (1999-2000).